About Us

About Us

We are here to make you successful.
We are Macandoo.

Macandoo is a Bavarian-based company dedicated to making a difference across a broad spectrum of products and services – “Food Live” that includes Food Products and Beverages, Information Technology (IT), and Others. Our goal is to infuse innovative ideas and offer consumers, quality products not yet existing in the market. We have begun this journey by identifying and analyzing market needs and then successfully combining our experience and innovative ideas to meet those needs. At Macandoo, we are armed with the knowledge of process optimization, vast project know-how, and the ability to resolve cluttered information, and complex situations. While we understand consumer needs and are eager to meet them, we are also keen on balancing commercial growth and environmental responsibility. Macandoo has envisioned implementing clean manufacturing and testing processes (“GMP” certified process), associate itself with companies that are equally passionate about the environment and contribute to making the environment sustainable for the future generation.

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macandoo GmbH
Feringastr. 6
85774 Munich, Germany

Phone +49 700 622 263 66
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